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AMM mechanism

Calaswap's mechanism is based on the x*y=k formula. When creating liquidity pool, each price range depends on the quantity of each token. It is designed to decide the price according to the change of supply per token in the liquidity pool.

Layered Architecture

Calaswap's structure is designed to enable users to achieve comprehensive and secure transactions through market liquidity. However, there is a variety of uncertain risks in liquidity supply, and the asymmetry of time, information, subject should be eliminated to meet the user’s requirements. Layered Architecture of Calaswap is suggested to fulfill the requirements above.

Deflation Mechanisms

20% of all transaction fees will be used to repurchase CLS tokens from the open market and burn.  In general, CLS token burn occurs once a month and the information on burning will be disclosed transparently. For other products to be released in the future, the deflation mechanism can be considered.


Calaswap DAO is decentralized autonomous organization governs Calaswap. The creation of Calawap DAO offer direct control of community about extended governance mechanism by indicating movement to completed DAO features. The entire participants of DAO will be committed to achieve the common purpose which Calaswap DAO and CLS token to be fully decentralized, owned and managed by DAO.

Decentralizing Calaswap

Calaswap provides true value, fairness and innovation to decentralized finance through high-quality products and services, and the major
structural changes are decided by a vote in the community while the whole platform maintaining decentralized governance of CLS token holders.


Calaswap Feature

Liquidity provider

LP, Liquidity provider, pool their tokens in the pool they want to. If you provide liquidity to the pool, you will receive LP (Liquidity Pool) Token as proof, where the number of LP Tokens received represents your stake (%) in the total pool, and you can receive the commission revenue generated from the pool as a liquidity supply reward based on this LP.

Farming & Staker

You may be rewarded with CLS tokens by farming the LP tokens received as liquidity supply rewards, or you will be rewarded with CLS tokens or non-CLS tokens by staking CLS tokens.

Community Participant

Community participants can influence key decision making of Calaswap by participating in governance. It is a structure that benefits the participants as Calaswap develops.

Airdrop Operator

For promising new projects, the mutual marketing can be carried out in consultation with Calaswap, the creation of initial liquidity and the securement of suppliers can be made through effective content exposure, and the liquidity linkage is available.

Token Distribution

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